Track BlueDart Courier Status With Whatsapp Message

How to track the consignment of blue dart courier by using the whats app. Is that possible? Why not it can be possible. This is what my idea on using the blue dart to get the status of the package.

Before going in details of using the whatsapp. Let me give you an over view of blue dart tracking courier and on tracking the package status. Bluedart courier is a medium of sending goods from one place to another place. In a a courier world the goods are also referred to as a consignment. In olden days it takes a while, may be months, to deliver the package. In this modern world it become quite easy to send parcels from one place to another. The modes of transportation and the speed of the transportation has increased tremendously. Now it just takes maximum 1 week to deliver the consignment. One can get the bluedart tracking of courier just by using the air way bill number.

There are many well established courier companies and newly emerging courier businesses are coming. The question here is which courier company do one has to choose. In this modern era it is not the difficult to select a packaging company. Everyone has access to the internet and can simply read reviews about the business and can know the services and products offered by the company. We recommend blue dart courier service company to everyone as it is the best of all.

blue dart tracking
blue dart courier tracking

Now you have got an idea about the importance of tracking the package status. How can we levarage whatsapp to track the package of a courier. This idea can be applicable to any courier service not only blue dart. Well we have heard that whatsapp is planning to partner up with business units to make it possible for the business people to interact with their customers by texting through whatsapp.

Keeping the idea of whatsapp, we can make it better to make some automatic replies to the messages of customers based on what they type in the message. An example would be like to track the blue dart courier status, customers can send text message like TRACK AIR WAY BILL NO to the courier service. Now this message will be received by an auto responder which interprets the message and gives reply with the status of the consignment.

The same concept can be applied to other courier services and can even be extended to completely different business units. This idea can change completely how whatsapp is functioning now. To conclude, it is not that difficult to leverage the whatsapp technology to track the consignment of blue dart courier service.