Whatsapp Messenger Application Features

Whatsapp is a message application which is available as an app in smartphones and as web client in browsers. Whatsapp messenger is used to send text messages, images, audio, video files and user location. Whatsapp has currently 1 billion user base. This article details about the features of whatsapp messenger and its usage.

WhatsApp Messenger Features

  • Chating: Chating is the core feature of the whatsapp mobile application. When we install whatsapp in our smartphone, it will automatially checks for the phone contacts with whatsapp account and adds those contacts into whatsapp. We can directly chat with our contacts from the whatsapp.
  • File Attachments: WhatsApp allows us to share images, audio and video files with our friends. It doesn't allow sending of other types of files like apk and docs.
  • Profile Picture: We can set a custom profile picture in whatsapp settings. The internet slang for this feature is Whatsapp DP (display pic) 
  • Whatsapp Status: We can set a custom status message depending on our mood. Check out popular status quotes at whatsapp status.
  • Voice Call: Whatsapp has recently launched this feature. We can make voice calls and talk with our contacts.
  • Notifications: We can set a custom notification ringtone to each of our contact. This helps us in recognizing the message sender.
  • Groups and Broadcast list: We can create groups with our contacts and discuss with them in a single chat window. Broadcast list are announcement only groups. You can add a bunch of contacts in a broadcast and send messages to all the contacts in a single.
Whatsapp Message Status:

You can know status of each message with the help of the tick marks. The number of ticks and the color the ticks under each message has different meaning.
  • Square Box: Your message is not sent. There might be issue with internet connection or the whatsapp server might be busy.
  • Single Tick: Your message is sent. However it is not delivered.
  • Double Tick: Your message is delivered to the recipient.
  • Blue Color Double Tick: Your message is read by the recipient. 
There some tricks that you can try in whatsapp. I will post some of the good tricks in my next post.

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