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Skype the worlds popular and most widely used application for making video and audio calls. Earlier skype was available as an application on windows and smart phones. One has to download and install skype application on their PCs or mobiles to make voice or video calls.

Recently skype has launched a web client (also called as which can be accessed from any web browser. There is no need of installing any software (ofcourse a few browser plugins are required). This article helps you on how to use skype web client.

Open any web browser (preferbly chrome) and the visit the site The page will take you to login page which looks like below:

Skype Web Login
Skype Web Login

Enter your username and password to login into skyp web. If you have not registered yet, then click on create an account button, follow the steps and register for a new account.

After logging into, it will prompt you install for a plugin. This plugin is required to make audio and video calls. Click on the Get plugin link and install it. If you just want to chat with your friends, then there is no need of installing this plugin.

The web UI of skype looks similar to that of application. Here is a screenshot of skype web:

Skype Web
Skype Web

Note that skype web is still in beta stage. So the all the features of skype might not work properly. Try in different browsers and see which one works better.

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