Line Web Version - Chrome App Extension

Interestingly Line has not yet launched a web client for messaging. However Line has launched a chrome extension which works only on Google chrome browser. The installation and usage of Line web chrome extension is very easy.

Line Web Chrome App Installation

Visit the chrome web store and install line extension. It will take couple of seconds for installing. The line chrome extension is installed as an application in the chrome browser. Go to chrome apps and open the Line application. This is how the Line app looks:

Line Web
Line Web

To login to the line app, you can either enter username/password or scan QR code.

Scanning QR Code

To login using QR code, first click on the QR code Login. The line web chrome app now shows a QR code for logging. After this follow the below steps for scanning QR code:

  • On your Line mobile app go to more -> Add Friends -> QR code -> Scan the QR code.
  • After scanning, tap the Login  button displayed on your smartphone Line app to login to the chrome version.

WeChat Web Version - Web.WeChat

Wechat is a popular mobile messenger application in china. It is also used in some other countries like India. Wechat app has nearly 400 million customers and it is quite known for its huge sticker base. Here we will see how to install Wechat mobile messenger and how to login to the WeChat web.

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WeChat App Installation

If you have android smartphone, visit the play store, search for wechat and then click on the install button. For iphone users, go to the apple store, download and install the wechat mobile application. After installing you have to register for an account in wechat.

Register an Account in Wechat

Open the wechat application and the click on the Sign Up button. Enter your full name, mobile number, password and click on SignUp button. Wechat sends a verification code to your mobile and as soon as the verification code is received wechat completes the registration process.

WeChat Web
WeChat Web

Interestingly wechat registration requires a password for registration. This is because, when you change your mobile, then you can directly login into wechat app by entering your mobile, password and there is no need of any verification process again.

WeChat Web

To use the wechat web version, open in your web browser. The webpage displays a QR code which you have to scan from the wechat mobile app. Open wechat app in mobile, then go to Discover tab and then click on Scan QR Code button. Now point your mobile cam to the QR code. That's it you are logged into the wechat web. Another interesting thing is, unlike in whatsapp after logging into the web.wechat there is no need to connect your mobile to the internet. You can directly chat from the web.wechat.

Telegram Web Version - Web.Telegram

The most popular mobile messenger applications are launching a web version of it in order to provide better customer experience. Telegram has also launched a web version of its messenger application which is called Telegram Web or Web.Telegram.

Check out the web clients of some popular apps, WhatsApp Web and Skype Web.

This article focuses on how to install telegram application in mobile and how to use the telegram web version.

Telegram App Installation

It is very easy to install the telegram mobile application. If you are using android mobile, then go to play store, search for telegram and then install it. Similarly, if you are using iphone, open the apple store and install the telegram app.

Register an Account in Telegram:

Follow the below steps for registering an account in telegram mobile app:

Open the telegram application and click on Start Messaging button. Then select your country,  enter your mobile number and then click on the tick button. Telegram will send you an OTP number to your mobile for verification. As soon as the OTP is delivered to your mobile, telegram confirms your account creation. All these steps are shown in the following screenshot:

Telegram Mobile App

Now you have successfully registered for an account and you can directly chat from your mobile. Now we will see how to login to the telegram web client.

Telegram Web Version

Open page in your web browser for logging into telegram web client. Now you have to sign into the telegram web. Select your country, enter your mobile number and then click on the next button. Now telegram sends an OTP password to the telegram application in your mobile.

Telegram Web
Telegram Web

Enter the OTP pin in the telegram web client and then click on next button. Now you are logged into the telegram web client and can start messaging your friends.

Skype Web Version - Web.Skype Client

Skype the worlds popular and most widely used application for making video and audio calls. Earlier skype was available as an application on windows and smart phones. One has to download and install skype application on their PCs or mobiles to make voice or video calls.

Recently skype has launched a web client (also called as which can be accessed from any web browser. There is no need of installing any software (ofcourse a few browser plugins are required). This article helps you on how to use skype web client.

Open any web browser (preferbly chrome) and the visit the site The page will take you to login page which looks like below:

Skype Web Login
Skype Web Login

Enter your username and password to login into skyp web. If you have not registered yet, then click on create an account button, follow the steps and register for a new account.

After logging into, it will prompt you install for a plugin. This plugin is required to make audio and video calls. Click on the Get plugin link and install it. If you just want to chat with your friends, then there is no need of installing this plugin.

The web UI of skype looks similar to that of application. Here is a screenshot of skype web:

Skype Web
Skype Web

Note that skype web is still in beta stage. So the all the features of skype might not work properly. Try in different browsers and see which one works better.

WhatsApp Free Download

If you have not installed whatsapp on your smartphone yet, then its time for installing it. All your friends might be using whatsapp and I am sure that you also want to install whatsapp on your mobile and use it.

WhatsApp Download

WhatsApp is available for different types of platforms and the most widely used are Android, IOS (IPhone) and Windows. Apart from these there are other less commonly used platforms are BlackBerry and Nokia.

If your mobile OS is any one of these, then downloading whatsapp is very easy. Just look for the App Store (play store) application in your mobile, open it and search for whatsapp. Then click on the install button. Now the App store will download whatsapp and install it on your mobile.

WhatsApp Free Download
WhatsApp Free Download

If you didn't find an App store in your mobile, then download the suitable whatsapp software application from the list below:

  • Whatsapp for Iphone - Iphone App Store
  • Whatsapp for Android - Android Apk
  • Whatsapp for BlackBerry - BlackBerry World
  • Whatsapp for Nokia s60 (symbian) - Nokia Symbian
  • Whatsapp for Nokia s40 - Nokia s40
  • Whatsapp for windows mobile phones - Windows Store
If you are using a mobile which doesn't have any of these software, then you cannot install whatsapp in your mobile. One thing you can do is install WhatsApp on PC and chat with your friends.

Note:As of now Whatsapp is not supported for tablets. 

WhatsApp for PC - Windows and MAC

How to install whatsapp on PC? Now We can install whatsapp on our windows or Mac operating system. In fact we can install any mobile application on our pc. Follow the below simple steps for installing whatsapp on pc.
  • Before installing whatsapp, we need to install an app player on our pc. There are many app players are available online and out of them bluestack, youwave are popular. Visit and download the software.
  • After downloading the bluestack software, install it on your windows or mac operating system. The installtion will take some time. Then open the bluestack app player. The bluestack app player home page looks like below:

Whatsapp for pc
WhatsApp for PC

  • Click on the search button and search for whatsapp. Then install the whatsapp application.
  • After installtion, you have to register for an account. Use your mobile number and register. You will receive an OTP password to your mobile. Enter the OTP PIN and register. 
  • Now you can chat with your contacts.
There is an alternative way for using whatsapp on pc. There is no need of installing any software in your pc. All you have to do is open in your browser and from that website you can chat with your friends. However you need to have whatsapp application installed on your mobile.

For more details on web.whatsapp and how to use it check whatsapp web.

If your mobile is not a smartphone and doesn't support whatsapp application, then you don't have any other option and you have to install bluestacks on your pc.

Whatsapp Messenger Application Features

Whatsapp is a message application which is available as an app in smartphones and as web client in browsers. Whatsapp messenger is used to send text messages, images, audio, video files and user location. Whatsapp has currently 1 billion user base. This article details about the features of whatsapp messenger and its usage.

WhatsApp Messenger Features

  • Chating: Chating is the core feature of the whatsapp mobile application. When we install whatsapp in our smartphone, it will automatially checks for the phone contacts with whatsapp account and adds those contacts into whatsapp. We can directly chat with our contacts from the whatsapp.
  • File Attachments: WhatsApp allows us to share images, audio and video files with our friends. It doesn't allow sending of other types of files like apk and docs.
  • Profile Picture: We can set a custom profile picture in whatsapp settings. The internet slang for this feature is Whatsapp DP (display pic) 
  • Whatsapp Status: We can set a custom status message depending on our mood. Check out popular status quotes at whatsapp status.
  • Voice Call: Whatsapp has recently launched this feature. We can make voice calls and talk with our contacts.
  • Notifications: We can set a custom notification ringtone to each of our contact. This helps us in recognizing the message sender.
  • Groups and Broadcast list: We can create groups with our contacts and discuss with them in a single chat window. Broadcast list are announcement only groups. You can add a bunch of contacts in a broadcast and send messages to all the contacts in a single.
Whatsapp Message Status:

You can know status of each message with the help of the tick marks. The number of ticks and the color the ticks under each message has different meaning.
  • Square Box: Your message is not sent. There might be issue with internet connection or the whatsapp server might be busy.
  • Single Tick: Your message is sent. However it is not delivered.
  • Double Tick: Your message is delivered to the recipient.
  • Blue Color Double Tick: Your message is read by the recipient. 
There some tricks that you can try in whatsapp. I will post some of the good tricks in my next post.