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WhatsApp is the worlds widely used mobile application. Any one who have whatsapp installed in their mobile can chat with their contacts. WhatsApp has a desktop chat application which is called Whatsapp Web. Using Whatsapp web is little bit difficult especially for new users. Here is a simple guide for using the whatsapp web application.

WhatsApp Web

To use Whatsapp web application, you need to have an active internet connection in your mobile. First visit http://web.whatsapp.com in the browser. You will get the following window which is shown below:

whatsapp web
Whatsapp Web

You can see that there is a QR code on the webpage which you have to scan from your mobile to login to web.whatsapp application. To scan the QR code, open the whatsapp application in your mobile and then click on the menu button which looks like a 3 vertical dots. After clicking on the button, you will get a menu as shown in the following image:

Whatsapp web connect settings
Whatsapp Web Connect Settings

Just click on the WhatsApp Web button. Now Whatsapp will open a camera functionality for scanning the QR code. Now scan the QR code using the application and you will be automatically logged into the Web.WhatsApp desktop application. This is how the interface of the Whatsapp web looks like:

Whatsapp Web Interface
Whatsapp Web Interface

Now you can use the whatsapp web, just like your mobile application. An important note is that you have to connect your mobile to the internet. Otherwise the whatsapp web chat wont work. Whatspp keeps on syncing the data of both the web and mobile.

The following features of whatsapp wont work on the web.whatsapp.com:

  • Whatsapp calls: You cannot place an audio call to your friends from whatsapp web.
  • Audio & Video attachments: You will not be able to send audio and video files which are in your computer. However you can record a video using webcam and send that as an attachment.
  • New Broadcast List: There is no option for creating announcement lists in whatsapp web.
  • Settings: There are some settings which cannot be changed from the web.whatsapp.

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