Travel to Goa

When you want to visit the most fun place on earth, which name springs right up? Goa, isn’t it? Goa is the other word for fun. Known for its splendid beautiful coastline with swaying coconut palms and alluring beaches, churches, forts, shacks and markets, Goa is an ultimate vacation place for you. People visit Goa from not only India but also all over the world. Many travellers herd to Goa for leisure and parties. There are also business travellers who visit the state for meetings or for off-site, fests and award shows.

Train Travel to Goa

Are you planning for a Goa trip anytime soon? You can travel to Goa via roadways, airways and railways. If you want to travel to Goa via railways then you should definitely take the Goa Express. The Goa Express is a superfast train that connects New Delhi and Goa. This daily express starts from Hazrat Nizamuddin station in New Delhi and completes its journey at Vasco da Gama station in Goa. The Goa Express is considered to be one of the fastest and most important trains of Southern Railways. Since Panjim (the capital of Goa) is not directly accessible by railways, this station is the nearest one. The Goa Express came into being much before Konkan Railways laid its track towards Goa. Dont forget to check the pnr status before boarding the train.

About Goa Express

The Goa Express timing is displayed on the website. This express runs daily and covers a total distance of 2166 km. The speed of this superfast train is 55 kilometre per hour. The Goa Express takes about 1 day and 15 hours to connect Goa to Delhi. The Goa Express passes through the major states of Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, MP, UP, Haryana and small portions of Rajasthan. In its entire journey the Goa Express halts at 27 stations which include Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Bhopal, Bhusaval, Jalgaon, Manmad, Belapur, Ahmadnagar, Pune Junction, Satara, Sangli, Begaum, Castle Rock, Kulem, Madgaon and Vasco da Gama. People who want to depart at these major cities can also book a seat in this train. There are 3 types of trains for Goa Express- Mail, Express and Superfast.

The Goa Express is the only daily passenger train that passes through the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls that is situated at the Braganza Ghat. This express train provodes a great opportunity to all the passengers traveling by this train to enjoy the amazing scenic beauty of Goa and other parts through which it sets its journey.

For Goa Express train online booking you can go to the website to choose your seats and make a reservation. Remember to make your reservations one month in advance to grab your seat in this express. Similarly for Goa Express train ticket fares you can check out the website to know the rates. You can also get to know your Goa Express status today by checking online. The catering facilities are good too that add up to your reasons to take the Goa Express.

Track BlueDart Courier Status With Whatsapp Message

How to track the consignment of blue dart courier by using the whats app. Is that possible? Why not it can be possible. This is what my idea on using the blue dart to get the status of the package.

Before going in details of using the whatsapp. Let me give you an over view of blue dart tracking courier and on tracking the package status. Bluedart courier is a medium of sending goods from one place to another place. In a a courier world the goods are also referred to as a consignment. In olden days it takes a while, may be months, to deliver the package. In this modern world it become quite easy to send parcels from one place to another. The modes of transportation and the speed of the transportation has increased tremendously. Now it just takes maximum 1 week to deliver the consignment. One can get the bluedart tracking of courier just by using the air way bill number.

There are many well established courier companies and newly emerging courier businesses are coming. The question here is which courier company do one has to choose. In this modern era it is not the difficult to select a packaging company. Everyone has access to the internet and can simply read reviews about the business and can know the services and products offered by the company. We recommend blue dart courier service company to everyone as it is the best of all.

blue dart tracking
blue dart courier tracking

Now you have got an idea about the importance of tracking the package status. How can we levarage whatsapp to track the package of a courier. This idea can be applicable to any courier service not only blue dart. Well we have heard that whatsapp is planning to partner up with business units to make it possible for the business people to interact with their customers by texting through whatsapp.

Keeping the idea of whatsapp, we can make it better to make some automatic replies to the messages of customers based on what they type in the message. An example would be like to track the blue dart courier status, customers can send text message like TRACK AIR WAY BILL NO to the courier service. Now this message will be received by an auto responder which interprets the message and gives reply with the status of the consignment.

The same concept can be applied to other courier services and can even be extended to completely different business units. This idea can change completely how whatsapp is functioning now. To conclude, it is not that difficult to leverage the whatsapp technology to track the consignment of blue dart courier service.

Facebook login - Fb login -

Facebook the #1 social networking website and the most visited website across the world. Facebook competes with google in-terms of the number of visitors. Both google and facebook stands on top 2 position as per the alexa reports. This article helps you in using the facebook (also known as fb) social networking website.

Are you looking for checking the fb login details. Here, fb login guides you on complete details about how to singup and login to facebook.

Here the high level topics that is covered in this article:
  • Facebook Signup and Login
  • Facebook Social Networking Features
  • Facebook Apps
  • Facebook Business Features

Facebook Signup and Login:

This info is already mentioned you can visit the above mentioned website for details on signing up and logging on facebook.

Facebook Social Networking Features:

Facebook in its early days started as social networking website where one can connect with their friends and share photos, comments and their likes. Facebook wall is a great feature where one can see all the activities of friends and other streams. Members can create groups on facebook and discuss on some interesting topic or activity.

Facebook Apps:

FB Apps and FB pages are unique features of facebook which helped facebook to grow a lot. Facebook Apps are applications which are embedded in the facebook. The apps can be of different types and most common type of apps are games, puzzles, Q&A. Users can add this fb apps and have fun on facebook.

Facebook Business Features:

Facebook is a great platform for business people. They can do advertising on facebook and get customers. Another interesting thing is facebook pages. Business persons or even an individual can create a page on facebook and share content on the page. Members who are following the page can see the posts on their wall and may engage with those posts.

In simple facebook is an amazing social networking website which connects people across the world.

Line Web Version - Chrome App Extension

Interestingly Line has not yet launched a web client for messaging. However Line has launched a chrome extension which works only on Google chrome browser. The installation and usage of Line web chrome extension is very easy.

Line Web Chrome App Installation

Visit the chrome web store and install line extension. It will take couple of seconds for installing. The line chrome extension is installed as an application in the chrome browser. Go to chrome apps and open the Line application. This is how the Line app looks:

Line Web
Line Web

To login to the line app, you can either enter username/password or scan QR code.

Scanning QR Code

To login using QR code, first click on the QR code Login. The line web chrome app now shows a QR code for logging. After this follow the below steps for scanning QR code:

  • On your Line mobile app go to more -> Add Friends -> QR code -> Scan the QR code.
  • After scanning, tap the Login  button displayed on your smartphone Line app to login to the chrome version.

WeChat Web Version - Web.WeChat

Wechat is a popular mobile messenger application in china. It is also used in some other countries like India. Wechat app has nearly 400 million customers and it is quite known for its huge sticker base. Here we will see how to install Wechat mobile messenger and how to login to the WeChat web.

Also read, how to use other chat apps, Whatsapp, Telegram and Skype.

WeChat App Installation

If you have android smartphone, visit the play store, search for wechat and then click on the install button. For iphone users, go to the apple store, download and install the wechat mobile application. After installing you have to register for an account in wechat.

Register an Account in Wechat

Open the wechat application and the click on the Sign Up button. Enter your full name, mobile number, password and click on SignUp button. Wechat sends a verification code to your mobile and as soon as the verification code is received wechat completes the registration process.

WeChat Web
WeChat Web

Interestingly wechat registration requires a password for registration. This is because, when you change your mobile, then you can directly login into wechat app by entering your mobile, password and there is no need of any verification process again.

WeChat Web

To use the wechat web version, open in your web browser. The webpage displays a QR code which you have to scan from the wechat mobile app. Open wechat app in mobile, then go to Discover tab and then click on Scan QR Code button. Now point your mobile cam to the QR code. That's it you are logged into the wechat web. Another interesting thing is, unlike in whatsapp after logging into the web.wechat there is no need to connect your mobile to the internet. You can directly chat from the web.wechat.